Backyard Hawk

IMG_6765Driving across I40 towards Oklahoma City just a few weeks ago, I remember seeing large birds of prey standing at the very tips of trees along the road. Bare in the winter cold, any large bundle of feathers was obvious from quite a distance so I watched for them.

Last week, I saw one, a hawk may be, standing at the tip of a tree across the road, but he was watching me and flew off just as I lifted my camera. Like my Maryland blue jays, he seems smart and overly aware of my presence.

Today he was in our yard, standing on our fence, just feet from our kitchen window… and I missed him again only getting this blurry shot as he flew away.

I stuck a hunk of ham in the fence with the hope that just may be he’d come back, but the dog spotted it first and barked until Elise got it down for her.  Oklahoma has birds, but I don’t have a forest behind my house anymore. I miss my Maryland birds.


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