Walkabout: OU at Norman


Established in 1890 in the Oklahoma Territory, seventeen years before statehood, OU is still a prominent piece of Oklahoma heritage with over 30,000 students, a well-known football team, and one of the “25 most beautiful campuses” in the US.

I didn’t know the latter until today when Arianna had a field trip to the Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art and I had an hour to kill. The museum sits in the arts corner of campus sandwiched between performing arts buildings where singing and sounds of various instruments come wafting from open windows and statues of various styles and sizes dot the pathways in between.



A red phone box sat on the corner catching my attention first, one of several British phone booths on campus donated by SW Bell. Coupled with the gothic architecture of the buildings, I felt as if I were in jolly old England for a moment.


In stark contrast to my own backyard, the grass at OU is lush and green, huge trees fill the green spaces (that’s a rarity in windy OK), and manicured flower beds overflowed with bright, showy tulips. Coupled with the abundance of art and those iconic UK boxes, an OU walkabout fills an hour beautifully. Students flowed from buildings and I tried not to feel old. It’s been eons since university, but there’s something invigorating about walking around a campus where so much is going on.


I’m not surprised that OU made that list of beautiful campuses. Partial to my own UW, I was truly surprised to see how gorgeous it is here from the art to the gardens, the unusually large trees and the pristine architecture. It’s a place that I’d like to walk some more with the girls one day and perhaps let them do a day of school on the lawn. Today the tulips stole the show… perhaps next time we’ll explore the football part of campus where the Sooners play.







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