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Sooner Dairy Lunch

Tifnotes: Unchanged since its beginning in 1954, the Sooner Dairy Lunch is a tiny old fashioned drive-in style burger place that serves up delicious fries, burgers, hot dogs, and the best milkshake I’ve had so far in OKC. Really. It’s a small family run business. Co-owner Randy McHughes is the son of the man who […]

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Gratuitous Iris Photos

Our tiny front garden has erupted with color in the last couple days which means that while the girls are diligently working on their daily lessons, I’m finding snippets of time to play around with various lenses and capture a bit of color before they die away. These seven will join other favorites from past […]

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His first full marathon.

This morning I woke up at 4 so that I could be on the road by 5. Kirk was up too, getting ready. His bag was packed and his clothes laid out. As I was finishing up my makeup, he was finishing up his pre-event routine of K-tape and body glide, terms foreign to me […]

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This beauty is blooming along the walkway near our front door. This is the extent to the gardens and landscaping in our little rental house which is sort of sad. I do miss the forest behind our Maryland home and the variety of nature that it brought forth, but Oklahoma summers are so brutal that […]

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OKC Festival of the Arts

Scroll down for Tiffnotes. Ignore the giant mud puddle. That’s going to be a building eventually. Now, it’s only really visible from this view. When on the ground perusing art venders below at this year’s Festival of the Arts, I didn’t even notice it. See that strip of white squares? Each one hosts four juried […]

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A Day at The OKC Zoo

Ten years later and the OKC Zoo is still one of my favorite zoos. Perhaps it’s just the sheer number of memories here – the countless days pulling three little girls up and down the hills in our radio flyer wagon, early steps, carousel rides, and making faces at the gorillas. If we weren’t at […]

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