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Avengers and Back Door BBQ

Tifnotes: Back Door BBQ ranks up there as one of the best BBQ places I’ve been to here or anywhere. That may sound like an overinflated rating (perhaps I’m still on a brisket high), but the combination of delicious food, sauce choices, rustic decor, reasonable prices, and cleanliness (ever notice how BBQ joints are always sticky?) […]

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The 60th Anniversary of America’s Wing, the 552nd ACW

So a couple months ago, Kirk calls me and mentions this “Gala” that’s coming up. He’s wondering if I’d like to go. Huh. Let me think about this for a millisecond. YES!!!!!  Oh, it’s only been about 6 years since I’ve been to a formal military event and there are dresses in my closet crying […]

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An Oklahoma Hail Storm

After Wednesday’s weather and predictions of worse weather tonight and tomorrow, this hail storm was delightful. Temperatures were cool enough that we didn’t worry about tornados and my car was safely inside the garage. Piles of garbanzo sized hail blew into the corners near our front and back doors, lined the streets and whitened the […]

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Moving & Oklahoma’s State Bird: Scissortail Flycatcher

Moving is a strange thing. There’s that time when you know it’s going to happen, so you slowly withdraw, tie up loose ends and prepare the house for the big day. Orders come and you have a location. You google schools and neighborhoods, research your new location and anticipate change. It’s an odd time when […]

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Tornados in Moore

We expected thunderstorms. They came up from the south developing stronger as they traveled. It wasn’t one storm, but a family of thunderstorm cells in a long caravan that crossed several states. Forecasters didn’t think tornadoes would hit until Friday’s storms, but they were wrong. Anticipating hail, the car sat safely inside the garage. Kirk […]

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The Wichita “Hills” (Not Mountains) and a Meersburger

Tifnotes:  The Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge is a free, family-friendly outdoor location for any season with wild herds of Longhorn cattle and buffalo, prairie dogs, and lizards. Mt. Scott is the tallest mountain there  about 2400 feet above sea level. There are easy places to pull over and catch the view on the way up, […]

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