Avengers and Back Door BBQ


Tifnotes: Back Door BBQ ranks up there as one of the best BBQ places I’ve been to here or anywhere. That may sound like an overinflated rating (perhaps I’m still on a brisket high), but the combination of delicious food, sauce choices, rustic decor, reasonable prices, and cleanliness (ever notice how BBQ joints are always sticky?) put it right up there as my current number 1. You won’t find chicken wings here, but poultry lovers will enjoy the smoked turkey. The brisket is offered either fatty or lean. Fatty is amazing – truly, if you don’t want the fat, why order brisket?  It’s delicious.  The Hot Mess burger brings a bit of heat without scorching your taste buds.  The fried bits of onion and jalapeño goodness are also available as a side. I practically inhaled mine.

Do not overlook the seemingly humble “jar pie.” I almost walked away, but ordered one cheesecake loaded with berries and one strawberry jar pie to share. We each had a spoon. I began each with a small bite, then passed each jar around our circle of 5 counterclockwise. It’s how we often share desserts. After one bite of the cheesecake, I knew I’d made a serious mistake. One was not enough. This jar was licked clean.

This place can get crowded, but on this Saturday afternoon it was still quiet. There are so many quality restaurants in OKC that we don’t want to repeat ourselves too much, but this is a place I’ll visit again and take friends.

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Just another OKC day:

I am usually the planner. It’s fine. It’s what I do, I have the time, logistics works with my brain and I truly enjoy it… but, it does get tiring. So, when someone else has a plan and makes it happen, I feel as if I’ve just won a Disneyland vacation. I can relax because someone else is in charge and if there’s a problem, it’s not my fault.

Last night, the hubby suggested the plan: Avengers and lunch at Back Door BBQ. He’d gone to Back Door for a work lunch and wanted to bring our crew there as well, so we googled movie times, worked logistics around a birthday party that Arianna was supposed to go to in Norman at 3, took into consideration the tornadic storms that were supposed to hit around 5, and made our plan.

The Harkins Theatres Bricktown 16 has great matinee pricing. The five of us saw Avengers for under $30 which is an accomplishment these days. The movie itself entertained. It’s the first that I’ve seen in this recent rash of DC comic movies, but I loved the characters and appreciated the humor that took the edge off of the high action scenes that I often find dull.

On an adrenaline rush from the movie action, all three girls comparing it to the first Avengers movie and telling their favorite parts, we headed to Back Door BBQ on 23rd, parking in the back.

Skip to the “Tifnotes” up top and you can read all about the food. Bottom line, it’s delish. If you come to visit me here, this is one of the places I’ll take you. The brisket alone is worth a stop and we will be ordering more than one dessert because next time I won’t share.

Fairly scary thunderstorms were predicted this evening. In fact, when Arianna asked yesterday if she could go to the party, I told her, “Yes, if we’re not under a tornado watch.” The party was scheduled for 3-5 down in Norman. Our #onlyinOklahoma moment came at 11 when we had just bought our tickets for the movie. Arianna got a text. The party was moved to noon. In another state, changing the party on the day of with little to no notice would just not work. Here in Oklahoma, the weather threat is real and it totally makes sense. Sadly, it meant that Arianna couldn’t go. The happy news is that the tornadoes didn’t come up this far either and we enjoyed a quieter Saturday night without the coziness of our shelter. That’s a great thing.


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  1. Back Door BBQ
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    315 NW 23rd St
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    (405) 525-7427
  2. Harkins Theatres Bricktown 16
    Attraction in Oklahoma City Oklahoma

    150 E Reno Ave
    Oklahoma City Oklahoma
    (405) 231-4747

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