Scratch in Norman

What: Scratch Restaurant
Where: 132 W. Main, Norman, OK 73069
Worth it?  Absolutely.


My husband asked me if there was any place that I wanted to go to that I hadn’t tried yet and I immediately thought of Scratch Kitchen & Cocktails in downtown Norman. I’ve driven by it, stalked it online, and salivated over their unique menu, so I was more than ready to check it out, hence the following gluttony.

Everything is made from… Scratch, right down to the liqueurs that they use in their overwhelmingly large bar menu. Kirk and I both ordered the White Sangria, a seasonal favorite and one I’d order again without hesitation though there are so many more drinks to try.



Arrancini. OMGoodness, I WILL order these again. So, so good. Arrancini are a Sicilian street food that I learned to make while living in Germany. Traditionally, they are made from a risotto stuffed with sauce, cheese, and then deep fried. Scratch gives these their own unique twist, but it works so well that I’m apt to order a double order next time and call it a meal.


Pulled Pork Nachos. The photo is deceptively small. Meat lovers will love this delicious nacho, generously piled with pork and super fresh toppings. Big enough for a meal by itself or to be share by 2-4 depending on how gluttonous you’re feeling.



Louisiana Crawfish Tail Mac ‘n Cheese. There is no skimping here. This dish is packed with intense cheeses and a ton of crayfish. Do not order this if you’re on a diet or want something light. Do order it if you are a lover of high end mac’, crayfish, or want to roll out of the restaurant. I enjoyed 1/2, but wanted to justify my dessert, so brought 1/2 home to my daughter who devoured it.


Fried Green BLT. I can only assume that this must be one mighty good sandwich because my husband ordered it and it disappeared without me ever getting even a single bite. 🙁

Dessert:    IMG_4725

The Creme Brulee. Let’s just say that we ordered just one to share after the horrendous gluttony that we’d just experienced, and that was a very bad decision. This is as good as any I had in France. We watched each other carefully so that we each got the exact same amount. Even my husband who is not always a brulee fan said that we should come again if just for this. So delicious, I’ll be back for an afternoon snack of coffee and creme brulee.

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