Himalayas Indian Restaurant

Visible from the highway nestled among random shops in an uninteresting Moore strip mall, Himalayas isn’t exactly eye catching, but it’s one of those “don’t judge a book by its cover” sort of places that you have to go inside. It’s clean, spacious, and nicely decorated. The courteous staff quickly usher away used dishes so that you can get new ones and they promptly replace dwindling items along the buffet line.

I’ve been a frequent diner at Norman’s Misal Bistro for years, but decided to try Himalayas because it’s closer to home. From spinach pakoras, three types of rice, a delicious cauliflower curry dish, to traditional items like chicken tika masala, Himalayas lunch buffet offers more items and costs $3 less than Norman’s Misal. The naan has a nice texture and for dessert, they have house made mango ice cream that my daughter loves. Though I really tried to chose a clear winner between the dishes offered, the quality in both restaurants is excellent. If you love Misal, you’ll love Himalayas and visa versa.

You can find out more on their website.  Himalayas recently began a rewards program with frequent discounts and offers a dinner buffet as well.

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  1. Himalayas
    Restaurant in Moore Oklahoma

    709 N Moore Ave
    Moore Oklahoma
    (405) 701-3900


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