The Wedge and a Walk

The teens are at a movie at Bricktown‘s Harken Theater and this taxi-mom needs to kill a couple hours? Not a problem. I’d been wanting to check out a new place anyway and find a few more buffalo.


Today I headed to The Wedge Pizzeria to eat pizza in a place literally shaped like the slices they serve. This isn’t the first Wedge, but owners saw this place up for sale and couldn’t resist. Set in a triangular brick building once used as a train repair depot along tracks long overgrown from disuse, the interior is clean, cool, and relaxing. Choose from indoor seating or a fun, covered outdoor area, the larger end of the wedge.


Kid friendly and reasonably priced, this is a great place for anyone who likes good food. And the food is seriously good.

Unable to make up my mind, the waitress told me I could have a half and half pizza – they’re eager to please – so I ordered 1/2 The Napoli and 1/2 Prosciutto e Formaggi.  I haven’t seen piles of arugula that high since Italy. Amazing. A huge fan of prosciutto, that was my favorite. I’d also asked for a sample of their house made sundried tomato port sauce that they brought out warm. It was such a perfect dipping sauce for my pizza crusts that I may ask for that every time!

My youngest ordered a personal sized, “build-your-own” pizza which is a great size for an adult as well. It came loaded with toppings, but was so delicious, she devoured it.  We also loved the freshly brewed ice tea.

The crust is thin, but stands up well to the ingredients and has a nice bite to it. It’s more than a cracker, yet isn’t as bread-like as most of the delivery places. With a nice “char” on the bottom, typical of brick oven baking, the flavor is exactly what I’d expect in Italy.

Hungry? This is a place to try.

With time (and calories) to kill on a beautiful day, we took a walk through part of the Deep Deuce district to check it out. It’s a great combination of old buildings coming back to life alongside new modern apartments with bold lettering and neon. We were on the hunt for buffalo and found quite a few, especially as we looped back towards Bricktown.

There are murals running alongside both sides of the brick wall/train tressel that separates Bricktown from Downtown parallel with Gaylord street. Near the Bricktown entrance, we found this globe and I suggested this shot.  The murals are fun to pose with and provide visual insight into Oklahoma history and culture.

The day ended with my favorite dessert (so far) in Bricktown, a small scoop of ice cream at Marbleslab. They have a generous rewards system with just 5 purchases earning you a free ice cream, so with my cumbersome crew of kids, that happens nearly every visit.  🙂


Half coconut and half amaretto ice creams mixed with fresh raspberries.

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