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Moving & Oklahoma’s State Bird: Scissortail Flycatcher

Moving is a strange thing. There’s that time when you know it’s going to happen, so you slowly withdraw, tie up loose ends and prepare the house for the big day. Orders come and you have a location. You google schools and neighborhoods, research your new location and anticipate change. It’s an odd time when […]

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Walkabout: OU at Norman

Established in 1890 in the Oklahoma Territory, seventeen years before statehood, OU is still a prominent piece of Oklahoma heritage with over 30,000 students, a well-known football team, and one of the “25 most beautiful campuses” in the US. I didn’t know the latter until today when Arianna had a field trip to the Fred […]

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Oklahoma Sunset (Elise has a singing gig)

This was the view as we left the Norman Music Institute this evening, Arianna’s lips still red from her trumpet lesson and Elise brimming over with excitement and joy. Tonight her voice teacher, impressed by her performance of Carrie Underwood’s “Cupid’s Got a Shotgun,” asked if she would perform on the youth stage at the […]

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Backyard Hawk

Driving across I40 towards Oklahoma City just a few weeks ago, I remember seeing large birds of prey standing at the very tips of trees along the road. Bare in the winter cold, any large bundle of feathers was obvious from quite a distance so I watched for them. Last week, I saw one, a […]

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